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Breeze through your wedding planning with Ballo

Plan it yourself. Download now.

The App

Love is easy,
wedding planning isn’t

We understand that planning a wedding can be stressful.

Make your wedding planning journey effortless with Ballo.

How Ballo works

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Plan your wedding budget

Set wedding budget by category and plan for how it breaks down


Satisfied Customers

I love this app! So simple yet meeting all my needs when it comes to wedding expense management. No more random excel files!

Alice Gu (beta user)

Before using Ballo, I was struggling to keep things up to date in my excel (and still miss items here and there). This app really made it easy to track everything on my phone.

CB Tai (beta user)

It's been so easy to track everything between me and my partner. I don't need to chase down my fiance to get things done anymore :) 

Haley Smith (beta user)


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